Values and responsibility


We support a genuine circular economy that contributes to climate protection. This requires the careful and efficient use of all resources. In addition to the recovery of recyclable materials, it ensures the extension of the life cycle of the product when it is re-treaded.


Every year, about 60 million used tyres are produced, of which only 30% are disposed of properly. What can be done about the high volume of used tyres?

Every tyre is a piece of high technology, consisting of many individual parts, which makes standardised recycling difficult. Since 2003, old tyres are no longer allowed to be deposited in landfills; they only decompose completely after 2000 years, which is a global problem from an environmental point of view.


The optimal approach is to dispose of used tyres at a certified waste tyre disposal company. We ensure professional collection, storage or export. We check your used tyres and decide on the appropriate disposal or recycling route, depending on the condition of the tyre. Our experience has shown that there are various possibilities.


In search of solutions and alternatives we have found ways that meet your high standards.

In this process, the tyre surface is renewed. A complete re-tread is not necessary, as usually up to 80% of the tyre is still intact. This represents a major financial advantage for the customer and conserves resources by reducing the environmental impact compared to landfill or incineration.
This option opens up further long-term use of the goods. Tyres that are no longer usable for us are suitable (after a quality inspection) as export goods for roadworthiness in other countries where the conditions of use for tyres are subject to different regulations.

The pyrolysis process enables gases and oils to be recovered from used tyres. The resulting carbon, Carbon Black, is used for example for colouring in the cosmetics industry.

This process saves resources, reduces the energy balance and the residual product is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Used tyres have a calorific value of 9 KWh/kg and are a well-suited, environmentally friendly fuel substitute in power plants. The non-combustible part of the tyres oxidises completely and is used, for example, in cement production.
Material recycling as recyclate takes place through pre-shredding followed by post-shredding. In the following step, it is ground to the desired size and separated from other materials such as textiles and steel. Among other things, this granulate is used in road construction for asphalt or on artificial turf.


Our self-declared goals: To offer quality products, ensure sustainability and act in an environmentally conscious manner.

Sustainability, however, requires a self-determined, strategic approach. By deciding to turn to us as a responsible partner, you actively contribute to improving global climate conditions.

You strike the right path regarding your individual concern by contacting us.

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