Modern ways to sustainability in the tyre industry

Did you know that a tire has more than one life?

Yes, of course. A tyre has more than one life.
No, that’s the first time I’ve heard that…

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Pneus Gern, your partner and expert, provide competent advice with well-founded knowledge and offers optimal solutions for casing reprocessing and re-treading of tyres.

For us, comfort, performance and ecological sustainability are terms that go hand in hand with your high-quality standards.

Our goal is to guarantee reliability so that with the help of our technologies, your tyres are long lasting and environmentally friendly.

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For over 40 years, Pneus Gern has been a specialist and reliable contact for casing and used tyres worldwide. As a family business, we specialise in trading tread tyres, used truck tyres, OTR tyres and agricultural tyres.

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Values and responsibility

High standards for ourselves, for our services and for our responsibility towards the environment are central to our philosophy. The focus is always on customer satisfaction, which should be ensured not only today but also in the future. We are aware of the many challenges and are always working on further improvements.

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Our transparency in all work stages lays the foundation for excellent cooperation – we advise you comprehensively and guide you through the dynamic demands of the market in a goal-oriented manner. In doing so, we always ensure an excellent price-performance ratio and serious customer contact.

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Our range of products includes numerous solutions for your vehicles. You receive an environmentally friendly product that will impress with its high performance and durability. Using the most modern forms of reconditioning and re-treading, it not only receives a short-term refreshment, but a second life.

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