LKW truck casings

Casings are a valuable raw material and reconditioning is an important resource-saving process for responsible re-treading, including thorough testing.
We offer truck and light truck casings as part of the sustainable product life cycle. Whether short-haul or long-haul, varied in dimension and quality.

  • LLKW light truck casings 17.5 and 19.5 inch
  • LKW truck casings 19.5 and 22.5 inch

Truck tread tyres

We are a renowned dealer of truck tyres. The reuse of your used tyres opens up further long-term use of the original product.

  • LLKW used light truck tyres 17.5 – 19.5 inch
  • LKW used truck tyres 19.5 and 22.5 inch

OTR / EM tyres casings and tread tyres

We are also your professional partner for OTR/EM tyres, casings and tread tyres with different tread depths. These tyres find a new purpose through us in multiple areas.

Military and agricultural tyres

We offer tyres for the agricultural sector as well as products for military tyres. After a professional inspection, multiple applications are also possible for these tyres. Depending on their condition, we will determine the right usage – of course, as always: environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Make more of your tires.